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Personalized Books

About your child, with pictures you select on each page


About Personalized Bomme Books

Each Personalized Bomme Book is unique to your child, with pictures you select featured on each page. The book could be about a special day or an exciting time in their life. It may be about a trip to a special place, a birthday party, or a visit with grandparents. It may be about the weekly activities your child enjoys, as books entitled “What [child's name] Likes”  are favorites among young children. 

Why a Personalized Book?

  • When children see themselves in the pages of a book and listen to a story about themselves, positive feelings of confidence and acceptance increase

  • The added joy that both you and your child will feel when reading a personalized book

  • Stories can help children process difficult situations

    • Challenging times such as saying goodbye when parents go to work, starting a new school, moving to a new city, going to camp, getting a new sibling, are all possibilities for stories

We all have stories to tell.  Capturing moments of a child’s life in a storybook is a gift that will stand the test of time.


How It Works



Send me a message with:

  • The topic for your book

  • The photos you want to select

  • Any background information about the event or transition



I will:

  • Create a narrative to go with each picture you sent

  • Show you the completed story

  • Make any requested revisions



Select a printing option:

  1. Hardcover​​​​
    (professional print, solid spine)

  2. Homestyle
    (laminated pages, printed or glued photos, string binding) 

*Prices vary based on number of pages and printing method, contact for a project auote

Place an order, get a quote, or ask a question!

Thanks for submitting, I will be in touch with you shortly!

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